Hello there I believe my husband is suffering from aerosinui

Patient: Hello there. I believe my husband is suffering from aerosinuitis. He developed severe head pressure and pain during a commercial airflight descent for landing which he described as the feeling as if his head was literally exploding and vessels were ruptuting. It was very scary and painful. Once landed, pain seemed to subside but it came back. Three exedrines did nothing for him. We had to go to hotel so he could lay down. He continued to experience episodes of on and off severe pressure and also sharp pains in the head, dilated pupils, but now developed a nose bleed and states he can taste blood running down his throat. What is going on, is this common with flying? And what should we do so he can get relief.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I believe that he has a blocked sinus infection. A blocked sinus infection is one which causes the sinus fluid to stay trapped in the sinus and when the pressure in the aircraft goes down, the liquid and the gas expand and cause pain. You need to see a Doctor to confirm this and also, you can inhale steam to clear the nasal passages and help with the recovery. Wishing you a speedy recovery. All the best.Hope this helps you.