Hello, Today is day 17 of my missed period Ive been

Patient: Hello,Today is day 17 of my missed period. Ive been taking at home pregnant test all have come back negative including today..I’ve gotten real crampy in the past hour. It’s probably an 8/10 plus my lower back is hurting pretty bad. I have a high pain tolerance as well.. I’ve been drinking water and laying down..Any other advice?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.This could indicate a period which could be soon approaching in a day, or could a misse d or undiagnosed pregnancy.Kindly see the gynecologist immediately for a beta hCG test to rule out pregnancy. An ultrasound will be needed to rule out an ectopic pregnancy, if it is ectopic, it will need immediate intervention, else will be life threatening.In case of no pregnancy detected on a scan, the doctor will administer antispasmodic injections and intravenous fluids to make you feel better and reduce the cramps. Ovarian torsion, cysts and endometriosis also to be ruled out.Do not panic.Hope this helped.Regards