Hello When I was walking three weeks ago, I didn’t

Patient: Hello. When I was walking three weeks ago, I didn’t see a step and “twisted” my left foot so the sole of my left foot faced my inner right ankle. I have had a pain near the arch of my left foot. It hurts whenever I walk or twist my foot in a certain way. I don’t think it has improved a lot since it first happened. The pain isn’t so bad that I cannot walk, but it does make walking annoying. What should I do to make sure it heals faster?

Symptoms: Foot pain, walking hurts, tension, slightly swollen left foot

Doctor: Hello, welcome to ATD.Read and understood your history of sprain of the left ankle three weeks ago. This is high tim e as partial healing has already occurred.Since you still have pain near the arch of the foot and and when you twist in a certain way, it is thought that the healing is not yet complete.The basic rules of healing are:Rest to the part, proper immobilization and anti-inflammatory medicines.This way you should consult your Orthopedic Surgeon to have clinical evaluation, MRI if required and proper application of crepe bandage or walking plaster if required.Some medicines if advised by your Doctor.Hope this helps you