Hello Yesterday, the inside corner of my eye burned slightly

Patient: Hello. Yesterday, the inside corner of my eye burned slightly. I used eye drops that my eye doctor gave me. This fixed the problem. The next day, however, my eye has been bothering me. The inside corner is swelled slightly. My eye burns at random points in the day; I attempt to blink rapidly because I fear touching my eye will cause further damage. The area affected also feels like it is bruised slightly. Please help me if you can.

Symptoms: Slight swelling in inside corner of eye, feels as though it is bruised, constant “on-and-off” burning sensation

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It looks like you have developed a swelling in the eye, called chalaziin or a stye wh ich are superficial swelling.You will have to consult the ophthalmologist again and rectify the problem. A small surgery may be needed if it is a stye that persists. A course of oral antibiotics generally heal the swelling, but can recur again.Hope this helped.Regards