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Helo, I have been having a big problem with my

Patient: Helo, I have been having a big problem with my eyes the last 10 years. They seem change appearance physically and make it very hard for people to speak/interact with me because it must be very difficult for them to look at. It used to just happen to the odd person but now its every single person I come into contact with. it gets very bad when I’m tired or under stress, i can feel my eyes get really hard to focus and some people have commented that they change appearance. I am finding it very difficult to cope with now, it makes me very depressed. I don’t want to go out the house because i feel I make people uncomfortable. Its seems to ease once I’ve got to know the person and they know about my problem but its still always there. Ive tried to go to the doctor a few times but it seems I make them uncomfortable as well and makes it really hard to talk about with them. one of the doctors actually just prescribed me with anti depressants, I think this was just to get me on my way. It seems a really taboo issue I have. Im not sure if its a physical problem that I have with my eyes, or physiological issue. I know i have lots of anxiety and depression from this and am not sure if this is what causes the symptoms or that its because if my eye problems that cause the anxiety. The only time I really feel comfortable is in my own home, and even then my eyes still go funny when talking to my partner. When I’m talking to somebody I feel my eyes go squint almost and really hard to focus, then instantly the conversation becomes really hard as this makes the other person feel very uncomfortable. Its destroying my life, people try to avoid me at work and friends at home. I used to get good days where if i wasn’t tired it was controllable but the last year or so its been very bad and getting worse. I need help. I hope someone can figure out whats wrong with me. Ive been to get my eyes tested and do a medical every 2 years with my work and my eyes are supposed to be very good vision.



Symptoms: Tired eyes. eyes hard to focus. Eyes seem to be very hard for people to look at for some reason. This makes me very depressed and full of anxiety (not sure if this is what causes the problem in the first place?) don’t want to leave my house. avoid talking to people. Gets worse under stress.



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for writing in.It is true that under stress you might feel a change in the way your eyes appear to peopl e you are talking to.It has less to do with depression and more likely from stress and anxiety.This is not a completely physical problem but I wish you get tested for conditions like thyroid disorders or myasthenia since you have written that the symptoms ate regularly happening.If you are not having any medical problem then you can consult the clinical psychologist and discuss cognitive behaviour therapy and it helps people with such problems.You will learn to decrease your anxiety and control your symptoms.Regards,

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Patient: Ok, thanks for that, thats a big help really, I will go to my GP and discuss getting tested for these physical conditions. Can you tell me if there is medication for these if it turns out to be the case? Thanks.

Doctor: Hi,
Thanks for writing back with an update.
Good to know that you might be discussing such conditions with your doctor. Medicines are available and help many who have the medical conditions mentioned in previous reply.


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