Heloi am a boy 17 years old,i got trapped in

Patient: Helo.i am a boy 17 years old,i got trapped in a very bad situation,a disease i get to know its name after very long research which is hyperhidrosis ,in summer or hot places my body get warm too much warm,and i got very much sweat on forhead,underarms,hands,feet,face. rest all the body parts remain warm and dry and i feel very unconfident and depressed.this disease i am suffering from past 5 years and got the situation worse day-by-day .i get to know about the cure of this disease is not possible but just for temporarily cure.botox and ets(probally banned now) are used…i wrote to you b/c i thought there might be some chance or other way for the cure of my disease.thanks

Symptoms: Intrinsic body heat,sweat,depressed,un-confident,shyness.