Patient: I’m a 17 year-old girl. I’ve already had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend of two years but we don’t do it frequently, he is my first time. Recently, when I started working at the mall, I met a guy who was 6 years my senior. To put the long story short, we had a sexual encounter. It was during my third day of my period, it was unprotected. Nothing happened at first but then we also engaged in sexual intercourse again on my fifth day of period. 3 days after that, I have had these weird symptoms around my genital area. And I want to know if this I’ve contracted an STD. At first, i thought it was just irritation so I scratched it.

Symptoms: redness at thighs around the vagina, a bit of pain on my genital area when i walk, bumps that go in a pattern on the lips of my vagina, bumps that resemble boil or insect bites on the inner thigh, dryness and redness of genital area