Patient: I have been having testicular pain for around 6 months. The pain can be at the bottom of the testical or the top and can be left or right but never at the same time. I went to the doctors who prescribed me with antibiotics and ordered a ultrasound. The ultrasound showed an increased blood flow in my left testical so antibiotics were the way to go. I have tried various antibiotics and have just finished my course of 6 weeks but still feel pain. I had a second ultrasound and they noted that there was now no sign of infection.Over the last few weeks tho my mid back had started to really hurt and have developed a pressure feeling in my sternum this along with my testical pain has began to really get me down.Does anyone have any idea what this could be and what I could do or take to help.I used to be very active now I do nothing and my personality has changed from fun loving to being absolutely miserable all the time.Please help

Symptoms: Testical pain
Mid back and sternum pain