Patient: I don’t know what is wrong with me.Sometimes i can feel the worst of the worst, like nothing will ever get better and there is no future for me, i am terrified of death, I feel as though i am on my own and i cry uncontrollably, sit on the floor and block everyone and everything out as if i cant hear anything but myself crying, i have self harmed in the past, but, that soon changes into complete rage i hate everyone and everything i want to be alone or ill end up snapping at someone or hurting them( either emotionally or physically) then a few hours later ill be as happy and care free as ever , it is really confusing my family, i had a baby almost a year ago and i think my emotions are still everywhere, i still start crying hysterically if i laugh too much( which leads to depression most times) people have said i must have postnatal depression but i dont feel anything towards my child but love, i dont feel as though i cant cope with anything but myself, i just dont know what it is.