Patient: I was taking birth conteol for about four months. When i stop i started experiencing pain throughout my whole body whenever i put pressure on my body. For example i can’t wear jeans beacuse my legs would. Get achu and numb feeling. Sometimes its hard tl wear a bra because my stomach sill start to feel uncomfortable. I dont knkw whTa wrong with me. It has been two months since i been off the birth control. I was taking loestrin. I was tested for b12 inflammation thyroid everything came back fine. I dont know what to do. I went to the er they sId theres nkthing they can do but the told me to try prednisone. I do t know if i should or not i just want my life back. I want to be able to wear my nkrmal clothez instead of sizes 3 sizes bigger so that i wont become achy throughout the day. What should i do.