Help another opinion

Patient: I fell and i hurt my left knee.i did an MRI and it reads:Large joint effusion. Examination demostrates diffuse subcutaneous soft tissue edema and subcutaneous hemorrage particularly at the anteromedial aspect of the knee. There is a grade III medial collateral ligament sprain with disruption of multiple segments of the superficial component of the MCL. There is an additional complete disruption of the medial patella retinacula. Posttraumatic bone marrow contusion change at the outer margin of the lateral femiral condyle and towards the most inner medial cortex of the patella most consistent with a recent lateral patellar dislocation and reduction. No criteria for a cruciate ligament tear. Perserved additional lateral and posterolateral supporting structures. Otherwise, unremarkable extensor mechanism. No criteria for a medial or lateral meniscal tear. Cartilage is well maintained at all compartments of the knee except for changes of grade II and early grade III lateral patellar facet I went to an ordopedic and they said they have to operate and do a left knee MCL repair and reconstruction, left knee MCL tear, medial patella retinacula and patella stabilizedNEED ANOTHER OPINION

Symptoms: Hurts