September 24, 2018

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Help, I have had dx of Barrett’s Esophagus since 2009,

Patient: Help, I have had dx of Barrett’s Esophagus since 2009, however, two were done at Mayo and they said I did NOT have it at the UW they said I did with NO dysplasis, I have had many biopsies, all negative, I tied all tied up in knots when I come close to an endo, UW doc wants one more, HELP, what to do and what are my chances of cancer at this stagejQuery111305353521372499697_1476556470973?????????



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidating history.Noted that you were diagnosed as Barrett’s esophagitis since 200 9 – all of the multiple biopsies turned out to be negative – two done at Mayo say, you did not have it – UW said you did but No dysplasia – wants one more – wants to know what to do and what are chances of cancer at this stage.Since there is now the difference of opinion, it is difficult to say about the chances of cancer at this stage.Biopsies have been performed and persistently are negative for cancer, hence there are not much of chances of cancer. Since there is no dysplasia, there is no cancer at this stage.One has said that you do not have Barrett’s.I would advise you the following in such a situation:- Go ahead at least for once as advised by UW for upper GI Endoscopy and biopsies to rule out or confirm whether you have Barrett’s or not and whether there are any changes indicating of developing cancer at this stage or not.I hope this answer helps you in getting a proper diagnosis and proper treatment.



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Patient: what is your reply onto what I should do about this

Patient: do you have any answer for me

Doctor: Do you mean to say the precautions and management that you have to do?
Please specify or elucidate.

Patient: do you think that i have much chance of cancer at this stage and with this history already done?????/ thanks

Doctor: As mentioned earlier, you do not have higher or much chances of cancer at this stage as there was no dysplasia on biopsy reports.

Patient: thanks a lot some of your answer did not come through the first time, so I did not see it all. I know can view it all, so thank you very much!!!!!

Doctor: Thanks for your appreciation.
Wishing you good luck.


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