HELP! i have this weird bump on my clitoris!

Patient: (I didnt know what category to put this in, because i dont know what it is! ) Help! Okay, so i have this lump/bump thing on my clitoris. I have never had sex before, but i have rubbed it numerous times. I’m afraid i popped a blood vessel or a vein or something.

Symptoms: Irritated clitoris, hurts

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Without a physical examination of the area we will not be able to determine what is the exa ct cause of this. One possible cause could be due to a skin abrasion. This usually occurs from excessive contact with the area. If the lesion is raised, and look fluid filled, it is possible that this could have been caused by a localized skin infection. Since this is very sensitive area, we recommend that you have this examined by your doctor. You may need to use some prescription topical steroid creams to treat this if needed.Thank you for choosing