Help, If i ejaculated on panties will it get her pregnant?

Patient: I had a sort of wierd question. If someone ejaculated next to a girls panties (if she was not wearing them) and got some semen/ sperm on them, and then she put them on 6-8 hours later could she get pregnant? Or would the semen/ sperm have already died.EDIT:I am really worried please help!!!EDIT:I am really worried please help!!!

Doctor: Hello,If the sperm has been ejaculated on the panties and she has worn them after 6-8 hrs then the possibility of liq uefaction of sperm and drying is likely but it cannot be commented for certain that some sperms may be alive.Ideally once they dry up , they become inactive and cannot swim up into the vagina through the dried semen .I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards