Help im in pain and dont know why

Patient: I have anemia and get all the symptoms. I’ve been in the hospital twice in the last 4 months for a kidney infection. But lately I have been having stomach pains if ibstand to long. And I have really bad back pain and sometimes in the neck too. But tonight I had a really really sharp pain in the right side of my chest and in my right arm all the way down to my elbow. And I had a really bad knot of pain in the middle of my back at the same time it lasted about 2 or 3 minutes.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Thank you for your question. We are not certain that your current severe pain is related to your Anemia. Fatigue, weakness, pale skin complection, and shortness of breath are common symptoms associated with anemia. Your symptoms may be related to a more serious condition developing within your lungs or even your heart. This would be causing the sharp pain in the right side of your chest radiating down your arm. At this point we are unable to surmise what is exactly causing this. It is possible that you may be experiencing muscle spasms, or even a more serious condition called atelectasis (collapsed lung). We recommend that you go to your nearest emergency room as soon as possible and be evaluated. We want to rule out any serious life threatening etiologies of your pain before moving on to less serious conditions.Thank you for consulting