Help Me, Alcohol Withdrawal Question

Patient: My question is I was drinking 3 days in a row. Each night I had about 12 Beers bottles, the question that I have is will I experience Alcohol Withdrawal from this. One year ago I went through a really bad stage in my life and used alcohol to come I never knew of the understanding that you can go through Alcohol withdrawal and I did one year ago. I took time off from drinking and never consume what I use to and normally stop when I need to never drink every weekend. This weekend was a bit different with UFC and Superbowl. I stopped drinking over 24hours ago and don’t really have any symptoms, I am just worried because of the 3 consecutive days I drank in a row. I took my BP and it was elevated before but I think its because I was reading stuff online and it made me have anxiety. My current BP is 122/65 pulse is 85, my pulse seems to stay at resting rate of 76 and 80. Normally my resting heart rate is at 65 to 70.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for using “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.If you have taken alcohol only for 3 days and general ly don’t take it day in day out, then its unlikely that you will have a severe withdrawal. Mostly it may be a mild withdrawal that can be controlled at home by taking good amount of water and paracetamol if necessary. However keep monitoring your tremors and if they increase and you have difficulty in sleeping then you should report it to your treating doctor.Wish you a good health.