Help me avoid surgery on my broken finger

Patient: 25/M. I broke the top knuckle of my right index finger about 7 weeks ago playing basketball. Heard a pop and knew it was bad. The official diagnosis was bony mallet. I’ve had several broken fingers/etc during my sports career so I know I’m a pretty good healer.However, I just saw my orthopedist/hand specialist yesterday and although he said the bones are forming correctly, my progress wasn’t looking great. When he first saw my x-ray he asked the nurse if it was the most reason one. Not good sign #1.He started to ask me if I’ve been taking a bunch of different medications that might hinder bone growth. I am not. Not good sign #2.He said to come back in three weeks for another x-ray and a “range of motion examination under fluoro.” I’m getting the feeling that he thinks surgery is the most likely outcome. Should I be nervous about this or relax knowing surgery will be ok long term?I’m also curious why the bones aren’t regrowing normally. I’ve had a finger cast on and haven’t bent it since the cast. I eat a lot of protein, but realized I haven’t been getting a lot of calcium or taking a multi-vitamin. I’m going to do better with those going forward. My biggest concern about the slow growth, however, is that I’ve continued to lift weights with the cast on throughout. My doc said this was fine to do and reassured me yesterday that lifting wasn’t affecting anything. Is this true?Just nervous about surgery. Any help/advice is much appreciated!

Symptoms: Broken finger