Help me cant figure out what is going on?

Patient: So recently went on a trip and the day before we left i got really dizzy that night and didn’t feel well. We got back and a few days later i told my husband my ears hurt. I went to the doctor to find out i have fluid behind my ears. Weren’t infected so he told me to get flounase since it has a steroid in it to help re leave the swelling. So i did. Have been using it for about a week now. But my right side of my neck hurts, my right ear feels like it is clogged and something is in it, my right eye hurts, and then my head also hurts. sometimes feels like its tingling or something is crawling on it. My right side of my teeth hurt as well. All on my right side. I am just lost at what this could be from. Any incite on what you think it could be. And if it is really serious.

Symptoms: Right ear feels clogged, right eye hurts, right side of neck hurts, right side of head hurts form back to front on and off.