Help me, could i be pregnant on pill

Patient: Hi. I am currently taking the Pill called Yaz. I missed one pill on the 26/03/15 but took it as soon as I rememberd the following day 27/03/15 at 8am. (I usually take my pill at 8:30pm every evening. I have never forgotten before) my partner and I usually have unprotected intercourse 3 tomes a week and had had sex the day I missed it. I then went on a week long cruise. When I returned home on the 4/04/15 I was unwell and took an antibiotic and has unprotected sex two days I was taking the antibiotic. I now have bleeding, not a lot, like reddish/brown blood, enough for a panty liner. I also just got a cold sore. My question is, could I be pregnant?

Symptoms: Bleeding. Unwell. Cold sore.nausea

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is a mild chance of pregnancy in your case considering the case of missed pill a nd not using a backup as well as the general failure rate of the contraceptive pill over-all being 0.5%. However, you can do a pregnancy test after 14 days of your last intercourse, or on missing the anticipated next cycle, in your case, you can do it now. If it is negative, it rules out a pregnancy and the symptoms could be pill related or premenstrual symptoms as well. Await for the bleeding to get heavier with time like your periods. In case the bleeding stops and is minimal, not to worry, could be the side effect of the pill.Hope this helped.Regards