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Help me even out my breast/ grow bigger beast

Patient: My breast are small and didn’t grow during pregnancy. They did engorged but one I has alwsay been smaller than the other one . I stop breastfeeding what can I do to make them even? Can I get hormones to make them even?



Symptoms: After breastfeeding



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Smaller breasts can be seen due to nutritional deficiency, h ormonal effect, familial influence etc.During the development phase, some amount of disparity can be noticed between two breasts.Which may occur due to one breast developing little earlier than the other.Using the hormones may not be much helpful as hormones act on both the breasts and also side effects can occur with hormonal treatment.By taking nutritious diet and exercises size of the breast can be increased to some extent.By using supportive bras, external inserts etc, both breasts can look equal in size.If you notice any difference in the consistency of breasts, better to consult your doctor and get examined.Take care.

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