Help me figure out whether you think i could be pregnant

Patient: If i am on the pill but had unprotected sex so i took plan b but then had unprotected sex a few hours after i took the plan B can i still get pregnant? i have been on high vitamin C because i heard it would decrease chance of implantation. My period is a little late but i also had anestecia due to work done on my nose. i know both that and plan b can effect your cycle but i am worried because my period is always on time. Do you think i could be pregnant if i am having some slight cramping and some breast tenderness but i only had sex a little over a week ago? please help.

Doctor: Hello,if have been on birth control regularly then the chances of ovulation is nil, as in they prevent ovulation. So even if your partner ejaculates in absence of ovum, still there would be no fertilisation and no pregnancy. however even if considering that you were on anestecia and it possibly reduces the efficacy of birth control, still plan b was an over kill. so these symptoms which you are experiencing are likely premenstrual syndrome and indicate that your menses are about to start.plan b causes withdrawal bleed within 5-7 days on intake , so you should experience your withdrawal soon and you symptoms would subside once the bleed starts. if they dont start then do a urine pregnancy test on 7th day after missed period to rule out pregnancy.I hope i have answered your query.regards