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Patient: Is it normal if body itches all over when your a diabetic, and water gain in feet

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Patients who have diabetes, sustain nerve damage sensory nerve endings beneath the surface of the skin. This damage results in a condition called diabetic neuropathy. The symptoms of diabetic neuropathy can be perceived itching, numbness, or tingling. In the most severe cases, diabetic neuropathy can be treated with medication to control the symptoms.The swelling (water gain) in your feet is referred to as edema. Excess circulating glucose within the blood can cause an osmotic imbalance. As a result, water from the circulation will move to areas of lower concentration of sugar. This area is the interstitial space which is located within soft tissues of the body. This would commonly occur in the extremities. To treat this, you must address the cause which is possibly your blood sugar levels. Once this is controlled, the edema will resolve. In severe cases, diuretic medication can be prescribed to assist in removing excess fluid thru the kidneys and urination.Thank you for choosing