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Help me for my question about nebistar and Thyronorm.

Patient: Dear Doctor, I am 47 years old, I am using Nebistar 2.5 and Thyronorm 12.5 cmg from last 4.5 years. My height is 5.’2′ and weight is 70 kgs. I have have undergone diagnosis regularly, TSH levels are norms and B.P. also normal, can i continue to use both the tabs or can stop, is there any side effects from above tabs. Kindly let me know.




Symptoms: Tiredness, back pain, feeling sleepy some times.

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on “Ask the Doctor”.The treatment of hypertension is aimed at controlling the bloo blood pressure. If you stop the medicine, there is every chance that your BP may shoot up again. So whatever is a normal assumed by you is because of the effect of tab. Nebistar. No antihypertensive should be discontinued without a consent of treating doctor.You may discuss the issue with your doctor. He may allow you to have a tablet-free period and monitor your BP.Similarly with hypothyroid, supplement of thyroxine is given to maintain normal TSH levels. Hence, tablet thyronorm should not be discontinued without consent of treating doctor.As far as side effects are concerned, you are on less harmful and more effective dose of medicines.Please consult your doctor in case of any doubts and avoid self decisions.Wish you a good health.

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Patient: Thank you for reply, some times i am feeling with fissure problem also and my skin has become little dark/looking tired (i observed this when i take the photograph). Is this due to side effect or any other cause. Kindly advise if any measures to take.


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