Help me from nasal congestion

Patient: I have always a nasal congestion .ihave visited a doctor he prescribed for me this drugs :amoxil capsalinose nasal sprayand told me to return next week after using them but nothing useful….in my next visit he told me to make pns x-ray….awhen he saw the pns image he said that ihave a an inflammation at sinusus then he prescribed for me this drugs :augmentin cap 20 1x3viprocil nasal sprayxyzal tab only 1 at nightafter using this drugs ihave got recovered but not well …two months and congestion symtomps start to appear and now after 6 months i have reapeted the prescription and ihave bought the same drugs as he told me but this time my right nose specially is still congested all the time ….i dont know what to do i cant breath or study my lessons well iam a pharmacy student on my third year help me please.