Help me get my sex life back on track

Patient: I am a 20 year old male, since the end of last semester I’ve been having trouble keeping an erection during sex. This never use to be a problem, in fact I use to be able to have sex for hours and ejaculate multiple times not so long ago. It happened last semester during a hook up and I haven’t been able to bounce back. Also I can get an erection during sex most of the time but it seems to go away after 5-10 minutes, while i can get one of my own no problem.It might be because of my previous adderal addiction I got over at the end of last semester that would cause me high anxiety. My anxiety is a lot better now but I still have this problem. It might be due to high stress levels from going to school and working two jobs. It might be some mental block that I just can’t get over. Or it might be due to mild depression that I have especially during the winter months. Please help me get my amazing sex life back.

Symptoms: Lower sex drive
Mild depression