Help me get pregnant

Patient: Hi there, I was on the depo vera for three months and due for another shot on the 30th July but did not go as i am trying to have another baby. So on the 9th August I seemed to have had my periods fro 2-3 days but very light and every day since when i wake up and wipe ther is blood there but then thats it, only other time is if i am very active there may be a little bit to wipe away but thats it and i dont have to wear anything as it so very faint. So I calculated my ovulation days and had intercourse with my partner on the 21st and 22nd on august, i am still the same every morning but wondering if there is any chance that i may be pregnant

Symptoms: Little spotting every morning since the 9th august and still now

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Little spotting during the cycles is indicative of hormonal imbalance. It may not mean a period or a pregnancy. Since you have had unprotected intercourse well during ovulation time there is a chance of pregnancy. You may wait for 14 days and in case you do not get the cycles, do a serum beta hcg test to detect early pregnancy. This must be followed by an ultrasound after 2 weeks.In case you get the cycles or beta hcg is insignificant, nothing to worry. You can consult a gynecologist and plan the next cycle with prior folic acid supplementation and also a follicle stimulation with ovulation induction and follicle monitoring. This will increase the chances of pregnancy. Progesterone supplements may be needed.Do not worry.Good luck for the pregnancy.Regards