Help me get pregnant faster

Patient: I first got on the depo when I was 17 I am now 21. I went from depo to the pills and then to the nuva ring. I stayed on the nuva ring for a year and two months and has been off of it now since February of this year. My mate and I is trying to have a baby, we have unprotected sex and nothing has came yet. I believe I still have birth control in my system. Please Help!

Doctor: Hello,As you mentioned that the last contraceptive measure you used was NUVA RING and you stopped using it in Februar y this year following which you must have resumed your menses regularly. If you both have been trying ardently to conceive since then then definitely the cause is not the birth control ( depot or nuva ring). There are various other causes like stress ( fore -runner), anxiety to conceive, poorly timed ovulation and then poorly timed intercourse, cervical factors, uterine factors , hormonal factors, use of various lubricants , oligospermia, etc all these need an evaluation in detail before the cause can be established.It is requested that you both shall visit your physician for a detailed infertility work up ( though by definition a couple should be treated for infertility only if they have tried to conceive by staying together without using any form of contraception for at least one year), which would include , hormonal tests-thyroid profile, serum prolactin, testosterone, FSH,Lh value, then ultrasound pelvis , a pelvic examination and a PAP SMEAR. For your partner a semen analysis is mandatory. So after processing the results , it would be possible to be able to ascertain a clear picture with regards to your inability to conceive since last 10 months now.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards