Help me I acdidently got Hand sanitizer penis

Patient: Help me I got Hand sanitizer in my penis but the pain and burning went away on the same day right after I felt the pain/burning I took a shower but was I wondering if I could get an infection from the hand sanitizer getting inside of my penis

Symptoms: I feel like I have to pee a lot than normal, after I use the bathroom my penis hurts for like 3 minutes or so and this happen on feb, 7 2015

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms are more likely to be due to inflammation, due to use of the sanitizer, bu t there is nothing to worry as inflammation will settle down soon and the symptoms too will vanish. There is a chance of infection as of now, but if you do not maintain sanitary hygiene and good health, chances of infection can increase. Do not worry about now and just observe. If the symptoms persist beyond one more week and you develop a fever, then see a doctor for an examination. Drink plenty of water.Hope this helped.Regards