Help me i am masturabating daily

Patient: M 20 yr guy..and i started masturbating at young age say from 14 and..its become my habite..and from 5 to 6 yrs m masturabating feeling week and cum very early..i want to avoid masturbation and i wanted to knw any cure about cumming..,the cum is very less in quantity and its comes very pls help me out.

Symptoms: Weaknes

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of continuous masturbation over many years.Daily masturbation will not allow the prostate to produce enough quantity to be seen as may be seen if you give a three-day gap. You are masturbating for 6 continuous years. No time to think and relax.Weakness is never due to masturbation, it is due to the guilt you get. so do not worry. Once you reduce masturbation and come out of the guilt, you will automatically feel fine.I would suggest you some in-the-box or out-of-the-box ways:-Since you are from India I would suggest a religious way to help you. Stay for a good long time in the shrine of your choice.-Go for a outing with close group of relative for 5 to 7 days and stay together, have a busy schedule.-Counselling with someone like a sexologist / Psychologist / Family Doctor can also help.-And lastly, ultimately it is your who has to decide and implement.- Another way is – get married, helps to solve the basic problems.-Reduce the frequency to alternate day or 2-3 days in a week.I am sure that these measures will help you.