Help me i dont know im having baby

Patient: Hi my name is Deanna. I’m 20 years old my last period was September 23,2014 it is now Nov I didnt get my period in October. I have been feeling a little bit of some symptoms (tender in breasts, acid reflux, headaches, cramps, & sleepy) I took a home pregnancy test but I time it wrong and it ended up negative. I would like some answers plz. Help… Thank you. .

Symptoms: Missing period

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf the home pregnancy test has been negative then cor sure you are not p may repeat the test again the next day early morning.However ,a delay in periods at your age group if pregnancy is ruled out then the most likely cause is stress per se which can easily cause hormonal imbalances.The symptoms you are experiencing are that of premenstrual syndrome which mimic symptoms of pregnancy very closely.So i feel you should be getting your periods in few days.I hope i have answered uoeur query in detail.wishing you good health.regards