Help me i have anemia problem plz read my email and suggest me what is wrong with me

Patient: Hi Doctor;I am 24 years old female unmarried name is Aiza, i have a problem from last 3 Years i have a problem with my menses periods.Problem is this when my menses days are coming before 3 to 4 days swallowing arise in complete body i feel my body is gain some weight and also when day is come and menses is not started most of the time then my body become gain more weight and when menses start blood coming so much less even 2 days pass one pad cant change.But when menses start cycle is completed means 7 days completed him.Kindly tell me what is reason behind i consult so many doctors but most of them said u have iron deficency some doctor tole me you have anemia problem kindly help me what is actual problem i have

Symptoms: Meses Problem