Help me i need to know

Patient: I’m due Feb 13 2015. Could I have gotten pregnant the first week of april…i had sex with someone April 6th…I got my period April 7th…i got my period again May 10th …i found out in June I was pregnant. My ultrasound says I’m due Jan 17…then Feb 2 then Feb 13…when did I most likely get pregnant

Doctor: Prediction of due date of confinement is done most accurately by an ultrasonography (USG) done around 10-11 weeks from t he last menstrual period. The due dates you mentioned range from January 17 to February 13 of 2015. This indicates that the conception may have occurred within an approximate time range of 26th April to 23rd May of 2014. For a near-exact and more personalized estimate, please consult your OB/Gyn who may comment on this only after perusal of the concerned USG reports, taking your menstrual pattern into consideration.