Help me I need to know what to do because I am concern for both my wife and baby

Patient: My wife is pregnant and having light bleeding stomach cramps pain and nausea vomit Too what sure I do

Symptoms: Bleeding light and cramps and vomit twice and seven weeks pregnant

Doctor: Thank you for question. Cramps and nausea are common symptoms that are experienced by women primarily during the first t rimester of pregnancy however this can be experience through all stages of pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding can commonly occur during the first trimester of pregnancy and is generally not a sign of severe complications but if this occurs during the second or third trimester this could be sign of a complication that needs to be addressed by your obstetrician immediately. We are not certain what stage of pregnancy your wife is in, and how long or frequent her light bleeding has been occurring so we recommend that she consult her obstetrician to be certain that there are no serious complications.Thank you for choosing