Help me im confused and just need a answer

Patient: Hi i have been suffering with really bad back pain and lower abdominal pains i was on the injection with my last on was in September i meant to have my next one in December but i never had it done couple days later i done a pregnancy test which came up positive and then i started bleeding on the 25th of december it was only for 4 days i stopped bleeding and then done another pregnancy test which came up negative so i left it for couple of days and done another which came up positive then i started bleeding again on the 17th of January which i have been bleeding for 6 days im just wondering if you can help me or explain what is happening as ive been to doctors and they have booked me in for a scan but its not until the 9th Feb and im in a lot of pain

Symptoms: Lower back pain, sicking, lower abdominal pain

Doctor: Hello ,If your urine pregnancy kits test have shown a varied result and the last test being positive , then it is sug gested that a more specific test called serum beta hcg test may be performed. If the levels of hcg are more than 1 , then it would confirm pregnancy for sure.If pregnancy is confirmed then this bleeding you are experiencing is likely an abortion , hence to confirm the same an ultrasound pelvis would be required. I suggest you visit your ER for the excessive bleeding then in emergency , i don’t think they would wait till 9th feb for the ultrasound. If its an abortion then you may need a dilatation and curettage to remove the products of conception completely.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards