Help me is it a UTI or STD?

Patient: I had unprotected sex on friday with someone who I am still seeing. He came in me 3 times. Since he is still seeing me I don’t think he has any STDs. Also he was married for 6 years just recently before being with me. Last week I felt like I have to pee a lot. Nothing alarming. I woke up this morning to a really bad pain in my vagina. I went pee and it hurt. I have had several UTIs before but not recently. It feels like that. I pee and then toward the end of the flow it starts to hurt and I feel a little crampy. Is this a UTI or should I go get tested for STDs? I just recently was test like 3 months ago.

Doctor: Thank you for your question it is possible that you have contracted a urinary tract infection from having unprotected se x. Urinary tract infections can be caused by bacteria that are normally present in the urogenital and anal region such as E.coli (the most common causative agent of UTIs), however UTIs can be caused by sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, or chlamydia also. STI infections are usually more severe with associated vaginal discharge, and vaginal pain along with the symptoms of UTIs.Urinary tract infections can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, and kidney infections if left untreated. We strongly recommend that you see your doctor and have a urine test performed to determine if you have a UTI. Based on your presenting symptoms, and examination, your doctor can determine if it is necessary if you require STI testing as well. You will likely be prescribed antibiotics to treat your infection.Thank you for choosing