Help me on my 6th week of pregnancy.

Patient: Hi Doctor,I am conceived by approx. 6 weeks, Initially I was facing a lot of vomiting tendency irritation towards various smells,But that has stopped now. Since last 2 days I am facing a of GAS trouble, and my stomach pains and burns a lot.Just to add, I have rotational shifts and frequent shift changes.And if it is normal how to confirm if the fetus development is fine.Thanks a lot.Waiting eagerly for your reply from a gynaecologist.

Symptoms: Symptoms: GAS trouble, and my stomach pains and burns a lot

Doctor: Hello,The symptoms you are experiencing in terms of nausea, smell, bloating and even gastritis are early pregnancy sy mptoms and considered normal. Gastritis can be relieved by taking tab rabeprazole 20mg daily before breakfast , which is pregnancy safe as well, to curb down the acidity symptoms. yOU WOULD BE DUE FOR YOUR DATING SCAN IN THIS WEEK AND IF THE FETAL HEART BEAT Is seen now, then you have a live growing foetus inside your womb.I hope i have answered your query,regards