Help me on my 6th week of pregnancy.

Patient: Hi Doctor,I am conceived by approx. 6 weeks, Initially I was facing a lot of vomiting tendency irritation towards various smells,But that has stopped now. Since last 2 days I am facing a of GAS trouble, and my stomach pains and burns a lot.Just to add, I have rotational shifts and frequent shift changes.And is there any test to confirm if the fetus development is proceeding fine or not.Thanks a lot.Waiting eagerly for your reply from a gynecologist.

Symptoms: Trouble, and my stomach pains and burns a lot

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Look like you are suffering from gastritis, which is common in pregnancyHere are a few tips you may follow to deal with it.1. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day.2.Avoid spicy food and tea, coffee and caffeine-containing beverages.3. Include a lot of fresh fruits, high fibre and green vegetables in your diet.4. Avoid processed, canned and packed foods, prefer freshly cooked food.5. Make sure you have a sleep for at least 8 hours in a day.6. Try to reduce your stress levels, daily walk for 30 minutes and deep breathing exercises will help.7. In case the gastritis is worsened, you may take over the counter drugs like mucaine gel or gelusil syrup or any antacid twice a day before food8. Consult the doctor in case symptoms worsen and a check on your blood pressure may be neededThe growth and well being of the early fetus can be done by an ultrasound scan which can give you an idea of the progress of pregnancy.Hope this helped.Meanwhile, continue folic acid supplements.Regards,