Help me on my pregnancy

Patient: Hi my lmp is 1st nov 2014.I checked mu urine pegnancy on 5th dec and it came positive.I went to doctor she did ultra sound and said nothing was found.tested bhcg value is 341.after 2 days she wants me to check bhcg again the value fall to 41.she again done scan nothing.she said muscarry will occur and wants me to do same test on 14th of dec and hiven susten400mh

Symptoms: Frequent urination, felling nausia

Doctor: Hello,If your beta hcg levels had earlier come to be 341 on 5th december , then it indicated a definite pregnancy , b ut these levels are repeated after 48 hrs to look for doubling of the hcg levels which indicate an ongoing pregnancy and a possibly viable pregnancy. But if the levels have dropped to 41, then it is likely that pregnancy has failed and is not growing further, but as the levels are still higher and gestational sac is not seen in the uterus, your physician has given you benefit of doubt and have asked you to repeat the same test after 1 week so that in the meantime if bleeding occurs then miscarriage is inevitable , but if the pregnancy is growing and considering that the levels are spurious last time, then aster 1 week at 6 weeks of gestation the hcg levels should be around 5000 and a gestational sac should be visible on ultrasound.You may continue susten 400 , its a progesterone and would help support the pregnancy if its a viable pregnancy.I hope i have answered your query in detail and address your concerns,wishing you good health,regards