Help me please I need help !

Patient: I recently turned 19 , I have been having unprotected sex w/ my partner for 5-6 months is this normal !? He always cums in me and we have intercourse almost wvry day .People tell me that they don’t think I’m healthy because of my weight I’m 5’5 and I weight 107 , they say I need to be healthy and take a lot of vitamins before I can begin to have any sexual relationships is this true ?

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Doctor: Having unprotected sex may spread sexually transmitted infections and may be unsafe unless you are confident about your partner. Apart from this there are concerns about unwanted pregnancy issues that are individualistic in nature and for this you are the best judge yourself. Your Body Mass Index is high and the weight for height is clearly unhealthy. Do visit your physician for a discussion on sexual wellness and a diateician and a weight loss expert for solutions on losing weight. Please remember that dieting and exercise are two invaluable tools to combat obesity.