Help me please!.. I would appreciate it greatly

Patient: Is it possible to get pregnant if you gave a man oral sex, he possibly pre ejaculated into my mouth, kissed me, then gave oral sex to me. He did not ejaculate since the previous day and urinated several times since then. He did not ejaculate into my mouth or into my vagina. I’m just worried if sperm was alive, if any, in my mouth to his and cause pregnancy. Im not sure if I was ovulating.

Symptoms: Possible pregnancy or pms symptoms?? Cramping, Breast pain, slimy discharge ..period due saturday

Doctor: Hello.thanks for the question.I understand your concern here considering that precum contains sperms and they can remain alive in saliva for atleast 15 minutes,it is possible for your partner to get you pregnant in this case even if he has not ejaculated inside or at all.The likelihood if such pregnancies succeeding is minimal but possibilities do exist.You may be experiencing PMS as you are nearing your menses . However if sceptical ghen you may perform a serum beta hcg test on day24 of cycle to check for raised levels indicating pregnancy.I hope ibhave answered your query in detail.wishing you good health.regards