Help me please! I would greatly appreciate it

Patient: Is it possible to become pregnant if you gave oral sex, kissed your partner, then he gives you oral sex. He could have possibly pre ejaculated into my mouth and I was wondering if the possible pre ejaculatory in my mouth would have survived as he gave me oral sex from kissing. He did not ejaculate since the previous day of our episode and urinated several times before then. I’m really nervous and need help. I hear so many stories abo pre ejaculate surviving in saliva and impregnanting women throught recieving oral sex because the couple kiss. Please help. I’m not sure if I was ovulating, this was two days after my period ended, and I’m usually on a 25-26 day cycle, my period is due today but no sign of it yet, except vaginal dryness.

Symptoms: Had awful cramps and Breast pain one day after ovulation cycle ended. Continued through Thursday, no cramping or Breast soreness yesterday or today. Had white discharge last week after ovulation was supposedly completed according to web md