Help me, please! I would greatly appreciate it.

Patient: I really need your help doctor. So on November 11th me and my boyfriend had oral sex. I first performed on him and he possibly pre ejacualted while I performed on him. We kissed after I performed on him, and then he performed oral sex on me. I stopped within three minutes worrying that possible sperm in his pre ejaculate could concieve. It was two days after my period finished, and I was suppose to begin ovulation the day after, according to web Md’s ovulation calender. I am aware pre ejaculate may contain some sperm. He did not ejaculate in me or near my vagina. He did not ejaculate since the day prior to our encounter, and he urinated several times since our encounter. I am very nervous. I am not on any form of birth control either. I have heard several odd stories of women becoming pregnant through oral sex and salivation. Many web sources say yes it is possible, and many sources say it is impossible.

Symptoms: I remember having awful cramping in my abdominal area and pelvic area after my expected ovulation was completed, which was November 18. Now, I’m unsure if my ovulation was delayed or I was feeling this post ovulation, which I read happens to some women. I also had discharge that looked like white gooey stuff. But I also read that is normal. I never payed attention to my discharge until this cycle, so I am unsure if it is normal for me. I had Breast tenderness and soreness and cramping from November 18 through November 27, and it has dyed down since then. My period is due today, November 29 and I am very dry in comparison to last week. I usually get dry before my period.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting for an opinion.After having gone through your history, i understand t hat on Nov 11th , you were 2 post your end of menses , that puts you under safe period. Even though you have referred the web Mds site for calculating ovulation date , but that is just an example based on a typical 28 day cycle with regular periods and menses lasting for 5 days maximum. You have to understand that the endometrium takes time to regenerate under the influence of estrogen after the bleeding stops completely and it takes minimum 7 days post stoppage of menses for endometrium to regenerate and LH hormone to surge. and after 36 hours of LH surge that the ovulation takes place. Hence i place you under safe period where the chances of pregnancy is minimla as the ovulation had not taken place.It is likely that you have ovulated on 18th Nov, as you experienced pain which is called mittelschmertz ( typical ovulation pain) and excessive mucoid discharge. So , you ovulated on 18th for sure. So keeping this in mind and the fact that sperms of one precum pr ejaculate stay alive for maximum 72 hours, still it is unlikely that you would get pregnant even with the precum ( possibly carried by your partner in saliva after kissing).Thirdly , as you are due today, and you are getting premenstrual symptoms like breast tenderness and cramping , which indicates that your menses are about to start in few days.I suggest you keep your mind at peace for there are no chances of pregnancy in this case and you should wait for your menses to resume.I hope i have answered your query in detail.wishing you good health,regards