Help me please Iam i pregnet or not what happening to me

Patient: Hi im very confused and need some advice, i have missed my peirod for the last two months, being having stomach cramps manly in the left side and near belly botton, my nipples are larger and a bit sore, being feeling sick but no vomiting, i can tell my stomach is larger and rounder then normal.and i feel bloated 24/7 even if i havnt eaten, about a month ago i had blood test and urine test for pregnacy both neg, i had an ultrasound done and nothing found but i have 10 follicles on each overay, then again last friday the 28/11/14 i had another blood test done and still waiting on resualts please habe you got any adivce on what to do and could i still be pregnet ?

Symptoms: Stomach cramps, bloated 24/7 , larger nipple, larger stomach no period for 2 months