Help me plz .how to solve migraine pain?

Patient: Sir i have head ache back of my head during weight lifting.when i work out in gym i have head ache continues and also have mental stress.during night i wake up at might night by having lot of to solve this plz help me .i have migrane head ache for past 4 years.

Doctor: Hello,The fact that you are already a patient with diagnosed migraine , so i believe that you may already be on some medications for migraine. However they seem to be ineffective now as your episodes are more frequent and incited with exercise or work out.There is a very thin line between migraines and stress cluster headaches. But migraines generally have a classical diurnal variation as in they would increase in early morning or after setting of sun , which is not seen with cluster or stress headaches. So, it is first necessary to understand that , as i feel you have more of a stress induced headache rather than a migraine. A stress headache can cause sleeplessness and confusion at night but not migraine which would rather cause nausea and vomiting in severe case.Thirdly , it is necessary for you to get your eyesight examined as occipital headache ( back of head)is atypical for migraine or stress headache and more associated with decreasing eyesight. Such headaches can be easily taken care of when refractive errors are corrected.So i suggest you visit your physician for a detailed examination before a diagnosis can be suitably established and treatment can be cause directed.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health and pain free life,regards