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Help me -Scars,skin care

Patient: I have some scars in my hand how to cure them …is there anyway to cure them i mean is there any cream



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Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.Scars are of different types like linear, box type, ice pick etc.The treatment depends on the type of scars and extent of involvement of the skin.Various treatment modalities are available including topical creams containing Vitamin E, glycolic acid, silicone gel. Besides this procedures are done to improve the scars. The most commonly done procedure for a scar is Dermaroller. Now a days, it is combined with Platelet rich plasma therapy to enhance the results.Laser therapy also works well in scars.However, the maximum improvement achieved is 50-70 percent by all the modalities.Kindly upload the images so that I can help you to my best.Take care.

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Patient: These are the scars in my hand …for some problems few months ago i cut my hand atlast i ended up with these scars i wish there is some solution for this

Doctor: I have seen the attached photographs.
For such scars, dermaroller with PRP would help to some extent.
Other options are Subscision or Scar revision surgery.
In scar revision surgery, the two ends of scar would be àpproximated by giving nick in between the scar.
You should discuss this with your doctor.
I am sure that he would agree with this.

Patient: Is there any cream to cure these scars

Doctor: No cream would actually work on these scars. You need to go for surgical procedures for improvement of these scars.


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