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Patient: Hello,Ye had yesterday I went to get a physical and a pap done. The doctor couldnt feel my Marina Iud so he had me get a xray he said it was the just upside down so I will never feel the strings. I been getting my period but he still had me take a urine test. This morning they called and say I was positive with being pregnant. I took two test at home they say negative . Dr had me do blood work that came out negative but another urine test came back positive to the doctor. Now he wants me to see gyn because he sayed I can still be pregnant. Is this something I should worry about?

Symptoms: Iud and possible Pregnancy

Doctor: IUDs prevent pregnancies by possibly interfering with implantation of the embryo, but sometimes they fail too. Pregnancy with an IUD is possible but rare. Sometimes pregnancy progresses till delivery with an IUD in situ, that expels with the child. Different types of IUDs have different failure rates, copper IUD having that of 8 per thousand while LNG IUDs at 2 per thousand.A pregnancy test attempts to determine whether a woman is pregnant. Markers that indicate pregnancy are found in urine and blood, and pregnancy tests require sampling one of these substances. One such marker is human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), that is produced by the trophoblast cells of the fertilised ova (eggs). While hCG is a reliable marker of pregnancy, it cannot be detected until after implantation; this results in false negatives if the test is performed during the very early stages of pregnancy. Most chemical tests for pregnancy look for the presence of the beta subunit of hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, in the blood or urine. hCG can be detected in urine or blood after implantation, which occurs six to twelve days after fertilization. False negative readings can occur when testing is done too early. Quantitative blood tests and the most sensitive urine tests usually begin to detect hCG shortly after implantation, which can occur anywhere from 8 to 10 days after ovulation. Ovulation, in some women, may not occur at a predictable time in the menstrual cycle, however. A number of factors may cause an unexpectedly early or late ovulation. This holds true especially for women with a history of irregular menstrual cycles.Sometimes the Urine Pregnancy Test kits take some time to detect the HCG in urine. There are chances of this test showing false positive results as well, where a sonography may be necessary for confirmation. Please consult an OBGYn for help.