HELP ME! Theres a problem with my inner knee!

Patient: My inner knee hurts really bad when I walk or try to bend/ extend it. When I walk on it; it hurts, and I cannot cross my legs without pain. I have sharp pains in my inner knee at random times and sometimes it’s fine. I just would like to know what’s wrong?

Symptoms: Knee pain when walking, a little swelling when on it too much

HELP ME! Theres a problem w...-1

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.I am sorry for your suffering. the most common injury during the teenage is os good- schlatter disease. it is the fracture of the anterior tibial tubercle and leads to slight swelling just below the knee it may manifest as a leg pain or knee pain. it is usually very painful with movements and gives some relief when the leg is at rest. area is usually tender to touch. It is hard to say that you are suffering from it, but looking at your age and symptoms it could be the cause. I recommend a visit to the ortho physician and getting an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis. Management is usually a lot of rest, decreased activity and ice compression to ease the pain. oral meds like NSAIDs could be helpful as well. I hope this information was useful.