Help me to get my knee ligament cure asap

Patient: Hello Doctor,8 years ago my left knee was swollen I dint had any pain but the knee was swollen.So doctor gave medicines,but they dint work so we took out the fluid, it was almost 1 full glass.After 1-2 weeks again the fluid occurred in the knee.SO doctor recommended for Arthoscopy/Endoscopy.We followed the doctors guidelines and went ahead for the surgery.Again the fluid was removed for further surgery,Doctor explained it was a ligament injury as per their words-they said we stitched/cured the respective tear.Physiotherapy was recommended after surgery which included weight exercises,tie weights to the ankle and exercising.Now I am 23yrs but still my knee pains in winter and also in day to day life when stress is given.It also pains when I sit cross legged for 30-40mins.Whole leg gets numb.It also pains after swimming so sitting in one position for long time.If we touch my knee at 1-2 position i have numb feeling.Please advise me further actions that need to be taken to get everything all-right.I want to run,do exercise.Do to lack of exercises m getting fat.I want to join Bharatnatyam classes.Please Please reply appropriate medication for my knee problem.

Symptoms: Knee ligament pain