Help me with a pill question.

Patient: I have been taking the pill uninterrupted for years…. missed I active tablet after 12 hrs late still have 7 days of active tablets before I get to my inactive tablets. Had intercourse the day afterv my missed tablet. Took two tablets on that day. Am I protected.

Doctor: Thanks for writing to ATD.Incorrect use of birth control pills is a major reason for unintended pregnancies. Birth c ontrol pills work best if taken according to schedule and at the same time each day. If you miss one or more pills, you increase your chances of releasing an egg(ovulation) that could be fertilized and lead to a pregnancy. Your chances of getting pregnant depend upon when you missed your pill during your cycle, the number of pills you missed in a row, and if you had unprotected sex around the time of missed your pill(s). As you have taken the pills immediately after intercourse, changes of pregnancy are low. Take a preg test if you are concerned about getting pregnant.I hope this will help you. Have a nice day.