Help Me With A Sexual Problem

Patient: Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex…each time we do, afterwards, I am leaking reddish bloody looking semen from our sexual intercourse. At first I thought it was me bleeding (although I knew it wasn’t from rough sex because he do not have rough sex) but I was also having had sex with another man unprotected and it never happened with the other guy. So I figured the reddish bloody looking after leakage was coming from my boyfriend and not me. I thought that maybe my boyfriend had a STD, so I went and got tested on three different occasions and the doctor(s) all said I had no STD but a little bacteria like an yeast infection which was easily treated. But for me to have the reddish after leakage ONLY after having sex with my boyfriend and not the other guy means something is wrong with him maybe? After doing some Google search, I came to the conclusion that my boyfriend may have some sort of sickness like cancer. Is this a possibility?

Symptoms: Reddish Bloody Looking Semen

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Blood in the semen could be indicative of a sexually transmitted infection. Since you have not contracted a STI from your partner, it does not rule out the fact that he may have one, and you should exercise precaution by using barrier protection if you are still having sex with him. Furthermore, inflammation or infection of the prostate, urethra, epididymis, or seminal vesicles can all result in the presence of blood in the semen. Furthermore, this could also be caused by obstruction of the tubes of the reproductive tract that semen is secreted into. Lastly but not least, this could be an indication of the presence of cancerous polyps or tumors in the male genitourinary system. Please encourage your partner to seek medical evaluation of this condition.Thank you for choosing